Our Services

Realm Projects specialises in the provision of end-to-end sales and marketing solutions that help leading Australian property developers realise the maximum value of their projects. Our services include:

Project Marketing

Our focus is on careful consideration of the subject site and tailoring the right sales and marketing solution to meet project objectives, both in terms of sales velocity and cost per sale.

We form and manage on-site retail sales teams and manage financial planning, accountancy and investment sales channels including specialist cultural and offshore capability.

Development Advisory Services

We work closely with our development partners to ensure optimum product mix, pricing strategies and marketing campaigns are established before a project is launched.

Leveraging our deep understanding of customer needs and wants, our highly targeted campaigns are designed to minimise both sales and settlement risk for our development partners.

Direct Sales Management

Not only do we have the ability to manage campaigns through a balanced approach of local retail sales and investment channel sales, but our 11,000-strong database creates a highly captive, additional sales audience for our clients.

Comprehensive Back-Of-House Support

We provide ongoing support to our sales partners to ensure they have the right tools to showcase projects to their clients and maximise sales opportunities prior to project launch. From a developer’s perspective, we provide a suite of back-of-house support including;

- contract administration;
- purchaser management; and
- settlement management.